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Trauma Informed Social and Emotional Learning

Bowman Academy

Experiences of adversity can result in a number of different forms of emotional distress and mental health conditions. Research has found that almost a third of young people are exposed to trauma by the age of 18 years. For this reason, all staff at Foxfields are trained in Trauma Informed Practice to ensure we can provide a holistic caring environment that promotes Trauma Informed Social and Emotional Learning.

Trauma Informed Social and Emotional Learning is an approach to promote our pupil’s social-emotional development whilst creating a safe and reliable environment where pupils who have experienced trauma and adverse childhood experiences feel supported.

In order to do this Bowman will;
• Explore pupil’s strengths and identities
• Develop meaningful positive relationships
• Provide positive experiences
• Facilitate pupils to engage positively with mental health supports via:
– Positive experiences through our bespoke curriculum
– Mindfulness activities timetabled into the school day
– Self-regulation opportunities timetabled into the school day
– Personalised therapeutic offer with trained professionals
– Self-Care strategies such as deep breathing
– Emotion coaching
– Informing our pupils of the positive and supportive information services

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