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Emotion Coaching

Bowman Academy

Emotion coaching is about helping children to become more aware of their emotions and to manage their own feelings particularly during instances of challenge.

Emotion Coaching provides a four-step approach:
• Step 1: Connect – noticing a young person’s emotional state
• Step 2: Accept – validate, empathise and label the emotion
• Step 3: Reflect – reflect upon the behaviour the emotion has triggered
• Step 4: End – opportunity to problem solve

These steps can be implemented through a help script;
“I can see that you get … when that happens, I would feel the same if that happened to me. It’s normal to feel like that but it’s not ok to …, it’s not safe to do so. Perhaps when you feel like this you could …”

Benefits of Emotion Coaching:
• Improve mental and physical health
• Supports individuals to enjoy health relationships
• Enables individuals to better control their impulses
• Equips individuals to self-sooth when upset
• Enables individuals to have improved focus and attention

All staff at Bowman are trained in Emotion Coaching and the use of this will not be limited to classroom experiences. These skills will be used at all times with the pupils alongside facilitating the pupil’s independent role in this.

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